Lighting can be overlooked in homes, with a single pendant or a few spotlights scattered around rooms being the typical British standard. We can plan “Scene Lighting” in your home to create different moods for different occasions. This is achieved by programming settings on lamps, down lighters and spots lights. You recall the environment of your choice by operating one switch, or by remote control should you prefer. Moods themes can be pre-set, and security can also be enhanced by the use of the programmed lighting system.

We have fully qualified electricians who can plan, install and commission lighting systems as well as all electrical wiring. We can integrate their operation into touch panels or remote control.

If you are not sure which technology you wish to use at present, but want to prepare for the future, we can design and pre-wire your property with a system of network, audio and video feeds, enabling you take advantage of this technology in the future.

Design House can work with architects and project managers to ensure that the whole project runs smoothly. With NIC EIC approved electricians on board we can completely wire a home to include all electrical, IT, aerial distribution, security and home entertainment wiring to the specification you choose.

Having one company in charge of all wiring vastly simplifies the process, and avoids duplication, conflicts and missing cables!