Welcome to Design House, your one stop place for all of your sound, vision, networking and lighting needs. We offer a complete service to equip your home with the technology needed now and in the future. Whether you are undertaking a new build, a refurbishment or live in a finished home we can supply and install systems of all sizes and complexity.

New technology has enabled massive advances in the area of multi-room installations. No longer is music and video confined to one or two rooms. We can now install systems that are discrete, stylish and affordable in most homes – some even without wires! Music, DVD, radio and television programmes can be accessed in any room with the minimum of hassle or clutter. In most cases, the system is invisible with only ceiling or in-wall speakers on view. As the internet expands most programme content will be downloaded or streamed to view at our convenience. The success of BBC i Player has proven that we want to watch our programmes when and where we want to.

Home cinema systems have become the norm in homes. High Definition pictures and sound have transformed the way we watch movies and sport. Blu-Ray players are now affordable with Freesat and Sky HD offering a wide range of material. We can supply and install the latest flat screen technology along with home cinema systems to suit any budget.

Design House has over 20 years of experience with planning, installing and operating this exciting technology no matter how large or small.