Do you want to experience the thrill of movies, sporting events and concerts as if you were almost there? Do you want to hear and feel the sound surround you? Do you want the total cinema experience in the comfort of your own home? But you could do without wires and speakers cluttering your room?

Don’t worry, we can help. A home cinema system can be installed in any room with a little planning. We can hide speakers, recess flat screen televisions into walls or furniture and make those wires disappear.
Most people are aware of home cinema – it’s been around now since 1977. Modern technology has enabled us to enjoy it without the cost and complexity of the past. In smaller rooms we can install systems which only have one or three speakers. Speaker design has improved, and they are now discreet and stylish. In-wall or ceiling speakers blend into the background, yet they offer stunning sound quality.

Hate wires? We can connect all of your sources (DVD, Sky Blu-Ray, games consoles etc) into a central hub. This means you do not have the usual “spaghetti” hanging out of your TV. One touch screen remote control can banish the clutter to a drawer out of sight.

We can also supply a dedicated media server, which enables you to electronically file and store your music and DVDs, even allowing you to file them into genre categories.

Whether you want a small LCD, a plasma screen or a full blown projector based system with motorised mechanisms to hide the technology, Design House has the expertise to guide you, making sure you achieve the result you want.